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Hello and welcome!

Thanks for showing your interest in becoming one of our remote team members. Keep in mind, this position is a paid position, so you become a remote employee of the ChristForlur. What is a remote employee you may ask?

Remote employee means, you only get paid based on the content (audio/videos/images) you provide to ChristForlur. There are no benefits such as health insurance or paid holidays, or any other benefit that a traditional full-time employee may receive. You'll be working on your own time and location providing us the content, and we'll pay you based on the quality and usability of your content.

Keep in mind, we examine the content our remote employees provide to be sure they’re copyright free and usable on our platform. Also, you must know we appreciate and pay a good price for good, unique, and up-to-date content.

Anything you provide and we pay for, WILL BE PROPERTY OF ChristForlur, which means, as soon as you get paid, you'll lose your ownership of the content you provided, and ChristForlur will be the sole rightful owner of the provided contents.

After you get approved as our remote employee, you'll receive a legal contract that you have to sign and submit. This legal contract indicates you cannot resale or share the content that was sold to ChristForlur to or with anyone else.

Now if you still are interested, please email us at:

We need your full information, including:

  1. Full name
  2. A copy of your Identification document
  3. Up-to-date address (we will ship you an envelope including further information you need)
  4. Some samples of the content you’re able to provide.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you

ChristForlur team,

Become a member of our remote team

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